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"GIULIA" official video

"Giulia" will be available on all streaming platforms on June 25th.
Cristiano Turato, singer, songwriter, musician and multi-instrumentalist, loves to sing about love, life experiences in every form, the joy of life, but also about coming out of a hard time. "There comes a time in which you realise you can actually free yourself and live outside the 'prison', to discover every beautiful thing there is." says Cristiano. "Giulia" learned that the Sun colors everything, that the Sun is life. Giulia's 'rebirth', like in Plato's "Allegory of the cave", is the discovery of a new future that could possibly be an alternative of the past. Because that's the moment you become conscious of the beauty of our surroundings. Giulia decides to exit the cave and to see everything, including the truth. When she finally opens her eyes, she walks to the sea alongside her son, while the world still seems to be sleeping inside the cave. Giulia wants to change her life.
After the release of "Sei Felice" in December 2020 and "La Festa" in April 2020, both under the label Aereostella (PFM), Cristiano Turato still has a lot to tell with his music. "Giulia" will also have a video, directed by Tommaso Arcolin and Carol Carraro, that will come out on June 30th.
The lyrics, as well as the arrangements, acoustic guitars and performances are by Cristiano Turato. His thirteen-year old son, Francesco Turato was the pianist. Francesco Pisana as the bassist and Maurizio Vercon as the guitarist (electric guitar). The track was mixed and mastered by Paolo Iafelice, who collaborated with Fiorella Mannoia, Eugenio Finardi, PFM, Massimo Bubola, Fabrizio De André, Vinicio Capossela, Ligabue, Daniele Silvestri and many more.
On July 2nd, the single "Giulia" will be presented with a live-streamed performance in Rudi Caniato's Liveformusic, in Rovigo at 3PM.
On July 10th, there will be a live performance on Radio Gamma 5 in Campodarsego, Padova.
On July 17th, the track will be presented with a live performance in Abruzzo.
To keep up with the schedule and updates, follow the Facebook page linked below.
A special shout out to the artist Maria Elena de Villaris, originally from Modena that lives in Padova, who designed the cover art for the single.

Shooting videoclip "Giulia"

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